Mobility and Stability for Dancers 


Anatomy |  Worksheet (mobility, stability, balance & breathing)  | Customized rehab

LECTURE - We begin with a brief anatomy overview of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. This sets the framework for me to then be able to discus how skin, joints, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and the nervous systems work together influencing our mobility and stability.


HANDS ON - We use a worksheet, where each dancer documents:

mobility - at each joint

stability - of different body regions

breathing - for optimal core stabalization

balance - with eyes open and closed

TAKE HOME - Each dancer now has a customized guideline for self rehab for the regions of their body the can benefit from increased mobility, stability, breathing for core stabilization and balance training. We discuss how to use the worksheet so they can structure a rehab routine for themselves and track their own progress.

This is a 4hr workshop, and includes: lecture print-outs, worksheet, and lacrosse ball to be used in the workshop and for self care at home. Cost $100/participant

COMING SOON - workshop for musicians

WORKSHOPS - possible for all types of artists

(tattoo artists, photographers, digital artists, circus performers, fine artists, culinary arts etc.)


How to Stay Healthy as a Digital Artist

Workspace ergonomics  |  Repetitive stress injuries  |  Self care

This one hour, lunch-and-learn at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, was focused around the physical strain that is often felt by digital artists.

LECTURE - We begin with helpful tips on designing the most ergonomic workspace possible in various situations. 

We discuss repetitive strain injuries common in digital artists and how to minimize them. 

TAKE HOME - Recommendations for self massage, stretching and strengthening.

Lecture cost is $250/hr 

Lectures are easily designed for your desired length,

target audience and education goal.


Art schools - empower your students with self care strategies

Bodywork Schools - adapt techniques to meet the needs of artists

Music Schools - raise awareness and give tools to combat repetitive stress injuries

Dance/Circus studios - how are nutrition needs different for class, rehearsal and performance


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