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When your body is the most important tool in your work, staying healthy is a top priority.

HEART shares concepts and advances in sports medicine as applied to artists via online resources, in person workshops and lectures. 



I was so tired of watching artists fumble through the management of their own injuries, prematurely ending promising careers or living for years with unnecessary pain. I wanted to have a place where I could share, educate and inspire. 


But that initial vision has already grown. Treating various artists in my clinic, I quickly realized that there is no greater inspiration than hearing the stories of other artists. The stories of pain, uncertainty if anyone would know how to treat them, and feeling lost in the medical system made me realize how isolating injuries can feel. But hearing how artists managed through their uncertainty provides guidance and hope.  How does a pastry chef deal with bicep tendonitis during wedding cake season? How do guitarists keep themselves healthy? How do dancers get back on stage after a serious injury? How do singers find their voice? Artists like you have opened up and shared their most vulnerable and triumphant stories.


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Collaborating artists that make HEART possible

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